Throughout A Mind to Build are real-life examples gleaned from Hungerford’s own professional experience, as well as inspirational messages from well-known figures and valuable perspective drawn from scripture and religious leaders.

You will learn:

  • Ownership vs Stewardship
  • The Benefits of Home Ownership
  • Counting the Cost of Homeownership
  • Processing and Underwriting your Loan
  • Getting Financing in the new Economy
  • Grant Programs for down payment and closing
  • The Wealthy Mindset
  • The Ten Greatest Mistakes made when Buying
  • How Credit and Debt can Affect your Ability to Borrow
  • The 5 keys to a successful home buying experience
  • And Much More...

What people say about this book:

Cassandra Grier

A Mind to Build book was just what I needed to have the right frame of reference for my purchase. The book was instructional, educational and motivational and was a blessing given that I was a first time homebuyer. I would recommend anyone looking to buy a home to get this book immediately. I was able to close on my first home without a glitch. Mr Hungerford practices what he to speak. I settled two weeks ahead of schedule and I needed 7k LESS than what was initially anticipated. Get this book and Call Derick Hungerford right away!! New Homebuyer

Glen Jackson

In “A Mind to Build,” Mr. Hungerford instructs the home buyer with critical yet easy to understand concepts, strategies and considerations that empower and aid the reader in “getting it right the first time.” Learning from Mr. Hungerford’s wisdom recorded in this prolific publication will empower the home buyer to likely elude common mistakes, save dollars and avoid home buyers remorse often caused by a lack of having “the facts.” A must read if you want no regrets. Glen Jackson, Practice Management Specialist

Capital Financial Group, H. Beck Inc

Chuck Ottley

“A Mind to Build” is a wonderful insight into the proper process and marvelous mindset needed for fulfilling home buying experience. Probably the greatest attribute of The Author, and the Book, is the fact that both are God directed, God inspired, rooted, grounded and dependent on the Word of God, and the Truth Chuck Ottley, Broker / Owner

Dominion Sellstate Realty

Jacqueline Simms

I attended a seminar given by Mr. Hungerford at which time I purchased his book, A Mind to Build. Buying the book was one of the best decisions I made. It really helped me through the process, it kept me focus and gave me real life examples of the buying process. Not only did I buy the book, but I used Mr. Hungerford's service and I am now a Happy Homeowner! Home Owner