Throughout A Mind to Build are real-life examples gleaned from Hungerford’s own professional experience, as well as inspirational messages from well-known figures and valuable perspective drawn from scripture and religious leaders.

Derick W. Hungerford

Derick W. Hungerford has over eighteen years of experience in the mortgage industry. A graduate of Hampton University, he has built an excellent reputation by providing financial expertise for his clients and the community at large, and his vision and proficiency with mortgages has directly contributed to an increase in home ownership in the Washington, DC metro area. Hungerford is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, and his career with Residential Mortgage Corporation (RMC) has expanded to encompass new roles as an industry educator, including Instructor at RMC University, Chief Editor and Publisher of The Strategic Homeowner, a magazine geared to help homeowners properly manage their mortgages and home equity, and from 2000-2007, Host of "The RMC Home and Wealth Show" on Heaven 1580AM. He is a certified teacher at several non-profit housing agencies and is a member of From the Heart Church Ministries (John A. Cherry II, pastor) and serves in the Financial Stewardship Ministry.